Friday, 20 October 2017

Making Progress.

At least I'm making progress on the crochet front but not on the house selling front.  If you can remember, my first buyers pulled out of the sale, luckily a couple of weeks later I had another offer which I accepted and it was all systems go.  I was really pleased as you can well imagine.  This particular seller didn't even want to view the house, she was living too far away and could see what the place was like just by looking at the photo's she loved the house and the garden and she didn't intend changing a thing.
She texted me a few times asking me for more photo's and reassuring me that all was going well at her end, she was so excited, the people who were buying hers were happy too and everything was great. Her very words were don't worry Linda I won't let you down! and guess what? 
I got a phone call from the estate agent telling me that she had pulled out of the sale, she had decided to buy something cheaper, she then sent me a text to appologise, so is that supposed to make me feel alright? I didn't answer her text, next time I won't get involved with the buyer at all.  As you can imagine I'm so fed up, I'm still going to move in November but I will worry about this house standing empty and of course two lots of bills will be a worry too. 

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post, I'm pleased that I wasn't the only one to feel that way.  I think it's hard for some people to try something different they are quite happy staying in their comfort zone.

 I am really enjoying making The Spicier life blanket, here is part one and two all finished and even the ends are woven in, for the fist part I used the magic knot but then I got cold feet, I thought what if it does come undone all of this work will be for nothing, so for the second part I knotted and wove the ends in and you know those ends aren't that bad as long as you weave them in as you go.

Part three is now out and I will start on that at the weekend.😊

Monday, 16 October 2017

Hats In The Round.

 Although life has been a little crazy I have continued with my knitting and crochet it was the only thing that has kept me sane I can tell you, what would we do without it, there's something so familiar and comforting about picking up a crochet hook or a pair of knitting needles and creating something new,  I have to be honest though it has had to be simple my poor overtired brain would not cope with anything complicated.  

I don't know how many hats I've made over the past few months but making each one has been a pleasure so easy and so quick. I have made hats for all age groups male and female and I have sourced and found some great hat patterns along the way, all free and available for us all to use and I want to show and share.

I loved this pattern because it makes a great hat, the possibilities are endless and it's a good way to use up scrap yarn, trying to work out the different stripe combinations is fun too.

It's knitted in the round and I used the magic loop which is still quite a new technique for me, here in the UK we tend to use straight needles for almost everything.  

Earlier in the year I joined an already established knitting group in my new town to be, I find joining new groups quite daunting especially when everyone knows each other almost from childhood and strong bonds of friendship have already been formed.  So there I sat amongst these women with my circulars, they were all without exception knitting with straight needles, I got some very curious glances I could see them staring at the needles wondering why I was using these strange contraptions, some of them made remarks like oh I couldn't be bothered with those give me straight needles any day while another started laughing and said all that tugging and pulling whats the point.  

It saddened me really I thought what a shame that these women aren't open to new idea's and maybe even learning a new technique, but when I offered to show them how to do the magic loop no one was interested.  Perhaps it was a case of who does she think she is the new girl trying to teach us new tricks 😄 who knows maybe once they get to know me better it will be different.

Knitting in the round still poses some challenges for me especially when changing colour and avoiding the step effect, I found some great tutorials online here is the one which I found most helpful.

This was my first effort
My second attempt was better
I will be using this pattern again and I can highly recommend it.  I made the second size and it took 35 grams of Dk yarn you can find the pattern here.

These hats will be going to Muddy Footprint.

See the great parties I will be linking up with over in my right side-bar

Have a great week. 😊

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Madness Continues and a CAL

Thank you all you lovely people for leaving such lovely positive comments it really means a lot I thought that things could only get better but unfortunately...

After trying unsuccessfully to start the boiler in the new house  I had to get a plummer out only to learn that it was broken and would cost rather a lot to get it repaired, so I opted for a new boiler seeing as the old one was 11 years old and could have broken again anytime soon.  How can a seller tick a box to say that the boiler is in good working order when it isn't.  It's my fault of course I should have inspected everything before exchanging contracts because once that is done there's nothing you can do about it.

The thing that I was dreading most happened, my buyer had to drop out of the sale because things had come to light with the survey of her house and her buyers weren't willing to compromise. That meant my house was back on the market and I was back to square one with two lots of house bills to pay out.

That brings me up to date with some good news I have another buyer and although it's very early in the process I'm hoping that it will go smoothly this time.

I am dividing my time by staying at both properties as I hate to leave either one of them unoccupied for any length of time, it does mean a lot of wasted time travelling back and forth and it's a bit like camping out as far as my new house is concerned because I don't have much in the way of furniture in there, in fact all I have downstairs is a garden chair recliner and a trellis table which I'm using right now to place my trusty laptop as I write this.

I'm lucky that I am in a BT hotspot in my new place which means I can get onto the internet now and again I have to say though it is rather hit and miss.  I was going to show you some photo's of what I've been up to but I can't upload them at the moment so it will have to be when I have a proper connection. 

Throughout all the upheaval I have continued with my crochet and knitting but just haven't had time to show you anything so I have a lot of catching up to do, I have started A Spicier Life Cal which is hosted by Sandra from Cherry Heart, is anyone else doing it? I would love to see your photo's I have completed Part one and I even have a photo which I uploaded earlier...

I'm using yarn from my stash so it's great that I won't need to buy any yarn for this, I'm loving it so far and part one has nice easy stitches so it was very easy to complete. Part two is out now and I can't wait to get started.  If this blanket turns out as nice as the Spice of Life Blanket which I made here, I will be very happy indeed.😊

Jennifer from Thistlebear has started her Winter Project Link Up Party again and I will be linking this there.

Have a great week everyone, I'm really missing you guys and I promise to get around and visit you all just as soon as I can. xx

Thursday, 7 September 2017

An Update on My Crazy Life

Sorry I haven't been around much of late, I do pop in at least once a day to see what you are all up to but my head is spinning with one thing and another and I find I'm unable to concentrate for any length of time 

Things that have happened so far this year... not all bad!!!

  • January...Had to retire from work because they closed down my unit due to lack of funding.
  • Have had to deal with selling parents bungalow and move my brother from there into a safer place that is adapted for his needs (he has MS and can be very difficult to deal with as my NELH friends know they have put up with my moaning and complaining haha )
  • Had a sinus operation which was rather nasty to say the least. 
  • Had to deal with the knowledge that my colleagues all got redundancy and three months severance pay, I didn't I'd retired because we were told there would be no redundancy money. Tried to fight it but got nowhere because I'd left it too late. (colleagues didn't tell me at first because they didn't want to upset me  ) I'm over it, it's only money although I could do with it now I've just recently learnt I could have got nearly £15, 000!
  • My youngest son Barry passed his PHd and is now working as a assistant professor in Qatar ( so proud of him)
  • I'm dealing with a persistent pain in lower left abdomen, it's been there for months have had numerous blood tests and am awaiting appointment for a scan.
  • Found what I thought was the house of my dreams, it was ridiculously expensive and it certainly didn't meet all my criteria, but my heart was ruling haha, anyways 8 weeks down I got the keys last Tuesday and thought what have I done!, it's so much smaller than the one I'm in so I'm trying to figure how I'm going to squeeze myself and all my belongings into this tiny space. It needs loads doing to it new bathroom, kitchen, carpets decorating throughout and I want a conservatory building onto it. (pity about the redundancy )
  • Put my house on the market as soon as I saw house above, luckily I had an offer after 5 weeks but it's dependant on buyers house sale going through so please keep your fingers crossed that it all goes through smoothly, I'm now paying two lots of bills and spending my time here and there I don't know if I'm coming or going I can tell you.
  • Last but by no means least my first grandchild is due next March  my eldest son Ellis and Christa my Syrian DIL but poor Christa is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum the same as Kate M and she has been in hospital because of it, I feel so sorry for her, being nauseated for the first 3 months is bad enough.
  • I'm sure I've forgotten something, but that's enough for now I think, now what have I got to do next, where's that list.
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